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Secret Recipe, Peperoni Limited received the Best Cafe Retail Award organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum. ‘Fair Group’ is delivering delicious food to the consumers of Cafe Chain Secret Recipes, the largest and top award winner in Malaysia. The award was given in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Best Cafe Retail category in terms of quality of service and food. Under the theme of ‘Designing the Future of Retail’ took place recently through a Virtual platform organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum.

In 2020, the impact of the pandemic and consecutive lockdowns had forced for new adaptability. Most of the hotels and restaurants shuttered due to the Corona and lockdown. Just thinking about customer service, the Secret Recipe reaches the doorstep of the customer to ensure their service. Recruitment of new staff, home delivery in its own transport and service through Takeaway have worked tirelessly to ensure the service. As a result of which the achievement comes here.

In the year of 2018-2019, the sales growth of Secret Recipes was 49%, which was reduced to 8% in the 2019-2020 fiscal year due to the outbreak of Corona pandemic. As a result of different measures taken during the epidemic, customer growth and customer service quality have increased and the loss has been reduced to sales growth reaches 47% in FY 2020-2021.

Mr. Mutassim Daiaan, Director, Fair Group says, “It has continued to provide services by ensuring the safety of workers in case of epidemics, travel on its own transport, government regulations. As a result of today’s achievement. The secret recipe will continue to be a brand name trusted by the customer as well as hiring trained staff to continue this trend of reputation in the future.”

At present, Secret Recipes is operating through a total of 13 outlets in the capital Dhaka, including 4 flagships. The branches of the restaurant are arranged in three categories- Flagship, Standard and Express.

Mr. K S M Mohith- Ul- Bari , Head of Business, Peperoni Ltd. says, “The secret recipe has provided the highest service by ensuring delicious food in compliance with the official health rules, on-time delivery as well as premium taste and quality of service at all outlets during the lockdown & corona pandemic. We have been able to meet this challenge because consumers are by our side in this difficult time. We are very thankful to our customers for their immense support.”

Mr. JM Taslim Kabir, Head of Marketing, Fair Group says, “We are committed to providing premium services to our customers. We are constantly working on new ideas for business expansion, customer satisfaction, and quality of service. Expansion of two more outlets in the port city of Chittagong by 2021 is already under working. Not only that, with the order coming from abroad through the call center across the borders of the country, Our own delivery service man reach to the doorstep of customer with their food.’’

In terms of food, the restaurant has paid more attention to main course, drinks and cakes. There are eight items of cream cake, six items of cheese cake, three items of brownie and 10 items of ice-cold tea and coffee. Four cups of coffee, six cups of latte, lemonade and milkshake.

In addition to cakes, you can go to different branches of this restaurant if you want to taste different kinds of salads, soups, chicken dishes, marine fish, pasta, steak etc.

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