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New Premium Flagship Outlet of Secret Recipe Soft launches at BTI LandMark, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka.

Fair Group concern Pepperoni Ltd is the master franchisee of Malaysian largest café chain Secret Recipe in Bangladesh. In presence with foodies and Fair Group high Officials, Secret Recipe has soft launched its 3rd premium Flagship outlet at BTI landmark, Gulshan Avenue.

On 22nd December 2019 the outlet has inaugurated by Head of Business, Pepperoni Ltd, Mr K.S.M. Mohith-ul Bari; Fair Group Head of Marketing Mr J. M. Taslim Kabir; Fair Group Head of Compliance Mr. Rayan Rahman; Fair Group Project Manager, Ms. Rehnuma Tarannum and other officials has attended in the soft launch. Mr. Bari confirms the controlled operation to keep premium taste and quality same in Secret Recipe outlets in Bangladesh.

For best quality food and service, recently Secret Recipe has got “Brand of the Year” Award in café chain category for 2019 from world branding award.

Features of BTI Land Mark, Gulshan Premium Flagship Outlet: 

  • Amazing cakes like Triple Cheese Cake, Premium Black forest, Chocolate Cheese, New York Cheese, Oreo Cheese, Chocolate Indulgence, Premium foods like Cajun Salmon, Moroccaan grilled chicken, Wild Mushroom Soup, Shakshuka, stuffed Eggplant, Smoked Chicken Sandwich with Ciabatta, mixed Grilled Platter, Sea food platter, snacks like Chicken Curry Puff, Beef Curry Puff and coffee like Americano coffee, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, flavored Lattes, Cafe Mocha, Espresso, and Hot Chocolate.
  • Quick service with expert service team.

New Premium Outlet Offers (Till 10th January, 2020):

  • Whole Cake or Customized cake 10% off.
  • Cake mania (50% off for your second slice of cake)
  • To grab 2020 offer with 10% off register for privilege card.

BTI Land Mark, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka
Hotline number: ‎+8809609-505055