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Nothing can be better than to start your day with a healthy wholesome breakfast. Our wholesome breakfast platter consists of two crisply toasted bread, butter, two grilled chicken sausages, beef bacon, grilled mushroom, and a grilled tomato, a portion of backed bean and your choice of scrambled egg or two sunny-side up eggs. This perfect breakfast will come with a complementary cup of tea or coffee to start your day energized.

7 in stock



Start your day on a healthy and wholesome note with our Breakfast Wholesome platter, crafted to perfection at the Best Restaurant in Dhaka. Indulge in a delightful combination of flavors and textures, featuring two crisply toasted bread slices with butter, two grilled chicken sausages, savory beef bacon, perfectly grilled mushrooms, and a juicy grilled tomato. Relish a portion of baked beans and savor your choice of scrambled eggs or two sunny-side up eggs.


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