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Lava Cake With Ice Cream

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৳ 445.00

A luscious chocolate cake that has oozing melted chocolate lava in the middle, truly a cake recommended for chocolate lovers.



Indulge in a heavenly delight crafted for the true chocolate connoisseurs – our Lava Cake With Ice Cream, a masterpiece from the Best Dessert Shop in Dhaka. This delectable chocolate cake boasts a tempting oozing center of melted chocolate lava, creating a rich and indulgent experience with every blissful spoonful. Accompanied by a generous scoop of creamy, velvety ice cream, this dessert is a symphony of luxurious flavors and delightful textures. Treat yourself to the Best Dessert Shop near you and savor the blissful pleasure of our exquisite Lava Cake With Ice Cream, a dessert that will captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more.

58 reviews for Lava Cake With Ice Cream

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